2 Opportunities to Move for Free

Normally when you move, you have moving expenses. How about being paid to move? The town of Presicee, Italy will pay you €30,000 (about $31,800) to move into one of their central town homes. Is this too far away? Then perhaps you would like to opt for some free land where you can build your own home. Continue reading.

Historic District of Presicee, Italy: Roberto Micoccio

Presicee is a town of round 5,300 population in Southeast Italy, in the Puglia region, a stone’s throw from Gallipoli, the “Pearl of the Ionian Sea”. Like other towns in Italy and elsewhere, Presicee has been losing their population to larger cities. Many homes have been abandoned, some in dilapidated condition while others are quite habitable.

Upon acceptance by application, Presicee will offer you a home of your choice, one built before 1991, with the cash split between the cost of the home and any repairs needed. These homes generally sell for €25,000. The town also offers other incentives such as tax benefits to create a business and bonuses for families with children.

In 2019, Presicee joined with its neighbor Acquarica, undergoing a similar population loss, to form a joint city, thus strengthening the base to allow the financial incentives to continue into the future. This new Presicee-Acquarica town allows for greater government support which invested will allow for increasing the number of financial gifts Presicee can offer.

A subterranean olive mill: Roberto Micoccio

Presicee can count it’s years to the middle ages as a town built around a fortress by monks, complete with crypts and underground olive mills. It came to called the “city of green gold” due to its lush olive groves which yield premium extra virgin olive oil. There are 23 of these secret olive mill chambers, one of which may exist beneath a home you might purchase or be on the popular guided tours circuit.

The houses for sale start at around 25,000 euros: Roberto Micoccio

Like a maze, city streets are either wide elegant avenues or winding narrow alleyways. Many gold-colored stately homes with inner courtyards and wrought iron balconies are juxtaposed with more simple white buildings. Outside the city, you will find olive groves with twisted tree trunks, byzantine crypts, purplish stone walls and fortified farms. Biking and hiking through pastures dotted with sheep or abandoned forts are popular pastimes.

Great, you say, but I don’t want to move all the way to Italy. In that case, there are options for free land upon which you can build a home in the US. Unlike the days of the free forty acres requiring no more than stakes at the corners of the property, today’s free land is a residential-sized lot in town.

Just like Presicee, Italy, six towns in central and north-central Kansas offer free lots to boost their populations. All you need to do is build a house upon the lot. These six towns are very stable communities with little turnover and 0-2% percent unemployment. Therefore, it’s unlikely you can find a living-wage job and may have difficulty establishing a new business. The best opportunity would be to telecommute, working remotely.

In my opinion, Western Kansas does not deserve its reputation as fly-over country. I spent 3 weeks visiting these communities a few years ago and thought they would be great for starters or retirees. https://wp.me/pdrVMz-3l  I thoroughly enjoyed the peace and quiet and the open vistas of rolling wheat and corn fields. The smoky hills of far Western Kansas actually have deep ravines rivaling the Grand Canyon of Arizona.

The two towns in Central Kansas – Wilson and Marquette – and the four towns in North-Central Kansas – Lincoln, Plainville, Osborn and Mankato -lie either side of Interstate 70. At the time of my visit, there was a wonderful old Victorian home offered for sale on eBay at an extremely favorable price. So many towns in Kansas are named for the towns which pioneers left, and I must admit to being partial to Mankato since it was named for my birthplace.

Mankato, Kansas – Tripadvisor

These towns vary in population from 680 to 1,850 and offer free lots ranging in size from 11,000 to 36,000 square feet. A home must be constructed within 1 to 4-1/2 years. More information can be found at https://kansascitymag.com/news/six-rural-kansas-towns-offer-free-land-to-transplants-heres-the-deal/

Besides free land, the other opportunities to live in Western Kansas are an escape from crowded, expensive cities; a 13.5% lower than average national  cost of living; and a less expensive home to build and maintain. As the differences between living in a large vs. small town become less apparent, the opportunities or small town living become more feasible. The Internet has also made this possible for employment, education, and shopping. The reasons for obtaining this free land are as many as the fields are many and wide open.

Osborn County Courthouse-Wikipedia.com

Are you thinking maybe it’s time for a change but you don’t know where to go or how to pay for it? Presicee, Italy will give you a home or Kansas will give land. Your next move could be an exciting adventure. Are you up for it?

Fact: Home or abroad brings new experiences
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