Ecuador’s Recent Earthquake

Ecuador’s recent earthquake struck last Saturday about 12:15 pm. It measured 6.7 on the Richter Scale affecting both Ecuador and Peru. The latest report, as of this writing, is that 15 people were killed (14 in Ecuador and 1 in Peru), 126 injured, and significant buildings destroyed or damaged. At least 20 schools and 30 health centers showed damage. For the absolute latest information, see (World).

Let me first apologize for duplicate material I have posted on Internet sites. I want to assure you that I am fine. This is my latest report.

Cuenca –

At about 12:15 pm Saturday, I was preparing some lunch when it happened. So I hung onto my kitchen counter for what seemed like two minutes while we rocked. I had no damage, only the loss of some electricity for a few hours. Here in Cuenca, a building toppled onto a car, killing the occupant. Another person was killed in an outlying area.

I’m an old hand with earthquakes. I survived the 1969 7.1 quake in San Francisco. That one left me and the city in quarantine for 2-3 weeks. I only had a crack in a wall. Later, when I moved north, I lived on a mountain with geysers below me. This was a major geothermal site. These geysers often let off some steam which shook the mountain. We were glad for the little shakes, as we felt that delayed any buildup for a large quake.

Cuenca –

The only new experience I had with this latest quake came from a change in the  atmospheric pressure. It suddenly gave me a mild headache and partially plugged ears. I have read that there have been two aftershocks; I may have felt a mild one that night.  I trust we are now in the clear.

I don’t know what it will take to knock this old guy off his feet, but it seems it’s going to take more than an earthquake!

Fact: In 2016, Ecuador suffered a 7.8 earthquake with at least 676 people killed and 16,600 people injured
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