Black Pearls from Tahiti

Black pearls from Tahiti are among the world’s most valuable and sought-after pearls due to their rarity and deep, lustrous black color – unique among pearls. Black pearls can be found in warm waters surrounding French Polynesia islands, with most coming from Tahiti itself.

However, the Tahitian pearl is not actually grown in Tahiti. Instead, most are grown in the Tuamotu Archipelago and the Gambier Islands, all a part of French Polynesia. This Tahitian-named pearl is produced by an overly large oyster, up to 10 pounds. This allows for a larger sized pearl. As 55% of Polynesia’s exports, the black pearl brings in about 12 million US dollars yearly.

Jewelry designers and collectors around the world prize them for their  unique aesthetic appeal. Tahitian black pearls often feature in high-end jewelry designs which can command hefty prices due to their scarcity. There are types of pearls, but the Tahitian pearl is considered the ultimate pearl. They come in various sizes and shapes; less than 10% are round. The Baroque pearl is highly prized as its jagged shape refracts light similar to an oil splash.

Tahitian Black Pearls

Black pearls are produced by the black-lipped oyster. This species of oyster is much larger than other varieties and produces pearls which tend to be larger and darker in hue. Tahitian pearls come in an array of colors, from black to gray, green, blue and purple, with overtones of pink, blue, silver, green and yellow. The most valuable pearls have a deep dark hue with subtle iridescence.

Cultivating black pearls is a highly specialized and laborious process involving implanting a small bead or piece of tissue into an oyster to stimulate its growth. After this initial stimulation has taken place, careful monitoring must continue for up to two years while the pearl develops within.

Pearl Diving

Pearl diving has been a longstanding tradition in Tahiti for centuries. The art of pearl diving has been passed down from generation to generation, with the island’s most experienced divers passing on their knowledge to future divers. Successful pearl diving requires both skill and bravery—divers must be able to hold their breath for extended periods while navigating tricky currents and depths.

Aria, the Pearl Diver

Aria was one of Tahiti’s most accomplished pearl divers. Born and raised on the island, Aria inherited her father’s passion for diving. With an eye for finding rare and stunning pearls, Aria dedicated herself to finding one black pearl – her life’s work!

Aria had spent years searching for the coveted black pearl, believed to be the most beautiful and valuable of all pearls. However, her search had proven fruitless as she had yet to uncover one.

Jonathan, a wealthy businessman arrived on Tahiti in the early 2000s. A pearl collector himself, Jonathan had heard stories of Tahiti’s legendary black pearls and offered generous rewards to anyone who could find one. Soon, there was an upsurge in excitement around the island as people raced to find their prize.


Aria saw this as her chance to finally find the black pearl she had been searching for. Each day, she dove deep into the ocean and held her breath as long as possible. However, there were many obstacles in her way, such as hazardous currents and fierce competition from other pearl divers.

Aria would not give up. Day after day, she searched for the black pearl in hopes one day it would be hers. Finally, after weeks of searching, Aria held in her hand a pearl the size of a small bird’s egg which shone with deep, lustrous black. As Aria held it with pride and joy, she felt an overwhelming sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.

Aria’s victory was short lived, however. As she made her way back to shore, Jonathan and his men ambushed her and took away her black pearl. Jonathan turned out to be part of an organized crime syndicate. Left stranded on an isolated island with only Kai, a local fisherman who had been helping her, Aria and Kai were left for dead on an unknown shore.


Aria and Kai refused to give up, however. They knew they needed to find a way to survive and make their way back home. Working together, they used their skills and knowledge to construct shelter and gather food while searching the island for any sign of rescue, hoping someone would come along and bring them back home to Tahiti.

After months of being separated from home, Aria and Kai eventually discovered a cave. Inside it, they found a boat left by fishermen. They used the boat to make their way back home to Tahiti, where they were reunited with their families and friends.

Aria’s story has become legendary in Tahiti. Her skill and bravery in searching for the black pearl, combined with her resilience in the face of adversity, inspired others on the island to greatness. Today, Aria is remembered as one of Tahiti’s greatest pearl divers in its long and illustrious past.

Fact: Pearl divers can stay under water for about seven minutes
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