Sleeping in a Winery

Visiting wineries has become popular with tourists and weekenders. Finding nearby hotels can be arduous and costly. Sleeping in a winery may just be your best bet. A growing number of wineries are accommodating their visitors by providing hotels among the vines. Keep reading to find some of the best.


Beyond a mouthful of wine, if you can pronounce the name of this winery, you should get a free room: Pałac Mierzęcin Wellness & Wine Resort, Lubusz Voivodeship. This Neo-Gothic palace sits on the grounds of Poland’s third largest winery. This is Poland’s only winery with a hotel. It has 76 rooms available, so you could take the whole family and your friends.

Pałac Mierzęcin Wellness & Wine Resort, Poland

Mainly the vineyard consists of a variety of white grape vines in addition to some red and hybrid vines. To avoid becoming a lush, you might take a swing in their bowling alley or tennis courts. There’s also a children’s playground and a menagerie of peacocks, pheasants, doves, and hens. Sounds like a fun place.


Moving on from Neo Gothic to Contemporary, you can visit Clos Apalta Residence, Santa Cruz. Built into a hillside, this “hotel” consists of four individual residences with terraces to take in the views. Each residence is decorated according to one of the winery’s grape varieties.

Clos Apalta Residence, Chili

 It was founded by Jean-Baptiste Lapostolle, the creator of Grand Marnier. Today, it is run by his great-granddaughter. Their restaurant serves organic food grown on the premises, as well as other seasonal vegetables. After one of these meals, you can stroll through the vineyard or take a hike into the surrounding forests. Don’t forget to take up their offer of a private tasting.


The Meneghetti Wine Hotel and Winery consists of 40 rooms and five new villas. The winery is located on the largest peninsula jutting into the Adriatic Sea and shares its waters with Slovenia and Italy. They have taken advantage of their location to provide a private beach for sunning (swimming?) in addition to a swimming pool. Their wine cellar is built to resemble a military hangar, in honor of the military forts which surround the property.

Meneghetti Wine Hotel & Winery, Croatia

You can enjoy 10 varieties of wine and 5 varieties of olive oil. You will be in the lap of luxury inside this century-old stone building. You will find private, personalized service from the outstanding restaurant to the tasting room, to the grounds.


The shortest distance to South Africa is a visit to TWP Winery and Farmhouse, Clifton. Here you will find a cozy escape inspired by the African continent. Look out at the Book Cliff mountains from one of the four luxurious garden rooms. These surround a great room, all of which perch on the edge of a lake. Up for grabs is a garden room or the whole house. The choice is yours.

TWP Winery and Farmhouse, Colorado

They broaden the wine experience beyond their own labels by also offering other wines from Colorado. Choose one or several wines to go along with their outstanding restaurant meals. You will find their pairings to be well matched.


Eight thousand years of wine puts Georgia at the top for longest running wine heritage. The Kakheti region prospers with over 200 wine varieties. Enjoy one of the 232 rooms and suites at Lopota Lake Resort and Spa, Kakheti. Visit their winery, Châteu Buera, and then enjoy their indoor spa and wellness center, the horse stable, one of eight swimming pools or one of their several restaurants.

Lopota Lake Resort & Spa, Georgia

You can enjoy sipping one of the more than 200 wine varieties of this region. Take a tour of the winery and discover that their wine is still made in the age-old tradition. Then visit their wine-induced restaurant or sit on the terrace and view the Caucasus Mountains. At the span, you can enjoy a special “Elixir of Youth Treatment.” It starts with a vinotherapy wine bath on a terrace overlooking Lopota Lake and continues with a deep tissue massage, hydration facial, and hot stone therapy. Y0u certainly will leave relaxed.


Don’t overlook the rich history of Italy’s wine scene. At Locanda la Raia , Gavi, you will find a 12-room luxury boutique hotel. This winery doesn’t rest on its winery laurels as it is also a center for contemporary art. Located among the rolling hills between Milan and Genoa, the area is known for its Barolo (white) wine. Locanda La Raia has the distinction of having created a biodynamic winery and farm.

Locanda La Raia, Italy, Italy

The rooms and suites of the hotel differ from each other, furnished in old and contemporary pieces. The other features on the grounds include a sauna, steam bath, heated indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and a gym. The restaurant offers cuisine based on the ancient tradition of the area. 


Don’t be too quick to write off Missouri. The Show Me state has the largest presence of wineries in the US Midwest. Sleeping in a winery just got easier in the center of America with The Villages at Chaumette, Genevieve. Sometimes called the Napa Valley of the Midwest, the state has over 130 wineries. Nearby on the Ste. Genevieve’s Wine Trail are six wineries for you to visit. This winery includes three catch-and-release lakes for you fishermen.

The Villages at Chaumette, Missouri

Note the name The Villages. This may refer to the several sleeping accommodations they offer. These include villa studio suites with small kitchenette; nine-foot ceiling villas with full kitchen and fireplace, which allow for dogs; and the five-bedroom Haney House set in the woods near the winery. If you don’t want to do your own cooking, the winery has a restaurant for your dining pleasure. Whether for a weekend or longer, your stay at The Villages at Chaumette will be enjoyable.

Fact: Prior to Prohibition, Missouri was the second largest wine-producing state in the United States
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