Promise of Forever

The international Miele company is headquartered in Gütersloh, Germany. They make a promise of forever better for everything they produce.This means they will do all that they can to be forever better than their competitors and forever better than they already are.

Early Miele washing machine
with a mangle (probably 1930)

Miele’s Beginnings

Carl Miele founded his company in 1899. They are the manufacturer of high-end domestic appliances for the kitchen, laundry room, and for floor care. They also produce machines for commercial operations and medical   facilities. Miele ranks among the world’s leading manufacturers of washer-disinfectors and sterilizers for hospitals, medical and dental practices and laboratories. They aim to be the world’s most trusted and desirable premium brand.

But we’re ahead of ourselves. Let’s back up to see what got all of this started. In 1899, Carl Miele hired 11 employees and began making cream separators, butter churns, and tub washing machines. The company started to diversify by producing vacuum cleaners in 1927 and celebrated in 1929 when they produced the first electric dishwasher in Europe. They were on a roll.

Miele Continues to Expand

In 1930, they began manufacturing motorcycles. Later they produced control units for torpedoes used in World War II. They have begun to make home/smart electronics. In 2021, the Miele Company acquisitioned the Eurofilters Company and now are invested in making solutions based on random-spun fibers used in face masks and dust bags.

One of the Miele buildings in Gütersloh

Miele continues to produce domestic appliances including dishwashers (we have one of their dishwashers where I’m living) and vacuum cleaners. Still growing with their motto, a promise of forever better, they are producing built-in convection, steam, and speed ovens; cooker hoods and cook tops; free-standing and built-in refrigerators, freezers, wine coolers, and coffee systems. The company also produces commercial laundry equipment including wet cleaning machines, lab glassware washers, dental disinfectors, and medical equipment washers.

The Miele plant in Bürmoos, Austria

From humble beginnings, Miele products can now be found in 47 countries. Predominantly Europe, China, and the United States. Most of the products are made in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Czech Republic, and Romania.

Miele Overtakes Google and Porsche

In 2007, Miele was given an award for being the most successful company in Germany that year. They beat the previous year’s winners, Google and Porsche, which had placed second and third respectively.

A Miele Showroom –

The Miele Group, as they are now known, remain a family-owned business. They have a museum here in Gütersloh which I want to visit and report on at a later date. If Carl Miele could see his company today, he would be very proud and have every reason to be.

Fact: Gütersloh’s diversified economy produces machinery, metal products, chemicals, clothing, and furniture
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