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I continue to gain followers at my site As of this writing, I am up to 27. You may remember I had a goal for December of 30 followers. I’m almost there. Can I make it? I’m not sure. I would welcome your help by sending me some new followers. All they must do is subscribe at the site and the posts will just popup in their email boxes, like it does for you. Thanks!

I also want to point out to newcomers that my posts can be seen in their “finished” state if you go directly to the site instead of just reading the email you get. WordPress, who manages my blog, has been unable to get the blogs I upload to look the same in email. I can’t do that, either. I don’t know if anyone can. That’s the weakness of email. Take a look and you’ll see that the layout is a little different, a little more polished, if I may say so myself.

The blogs that have drawn the most reaction are the outside and inside of my yurt. That’s not too surprising, as most people haven’t experienced a yurt. Comments have been: I always wondered what the inside of yurt looked like; you’re the most adventurous person we’ve even known; your whole life is an adventure. I seek new experiences and I am enjoying my life. Stay tuned.


Author: Warren R. Johnson

I am a US citizen travelling in Europe. I have retired from two long-lasting careers: an ordained minister with an exclusive ministry in sacred music (organist-choirmaster), and a book dealer (2 stores and Internet selling). Another shorter career was as a data manager in medical research. Today, I am pursuing a writing career.

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