Monday Chat

I would like to wish you the Merriest of Christmases and the Happiest of New Years. My pleasure has been having you following my blog this past year. I have appreciated your support.

I would like to tell you of some changes to my blog in the coming days. I am expanding the focus of my blog to include travel-related stories from around the world. Due to the world’s health constraints, I have not been able to travel and so my blog has remained fairly static. I would like to interject some new locations and interesting articles to bring new life to the blog.

I have been working to try to reach more readers and, with that in mind, I am going to try to monetize the blog to give me some capital which I can put to traveling. This should not affect the quality of the blog. This will go hand in hand with an expansion (I hope) of more substantial posts. That substance will result in being better found by the search engines.

Also, I am thinking of adding a once-a-month newsletter to let you know what’s behind this blog; that way, I don’t have to broadcast to the world messages like this one. I will let you know when I start the newsletter and you my sign up to receive it. This is purely optional for you.

I welcome your thoughts about these proposals and any comments you would like to make about the blog. You can reach me though the contact form on the blog or by email at I look forward to a new year of new beginnings.


Author: Warren R. Johnson

I am a US citizen travelling in Europe. I have retired from two long-lasting careers: an ordained minister with an exclusive ministry in sacred music (organist-choirmaster), and a book dealer (2 stores and Internet selling). Another shorter career was as a data manager in medical research. Today, I am pursuing a writing career.

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