A Secret Beach

We expats in Panamá tend to think of our seasons as if we were still in North America. The truth is that Panamá has only 2 seasons: wet and dry (some like to add an overlapping third, the windy season). Any time is a good time to go to the beach, and the beach at Las Lajas is one of the best. This south-facing beach offers beautiful sunrises and sunsets.


Las Lajas beach has sometimes been called secret as it is off the Pan American Highway and not on the radar of most travelers. The town of Las Lajas is 54.5 miles east  (or 87.7 kilometers) from the bigger town of David (Da-veed). It will take you about 1-1/4th hours to arrive at the beach. The little town has a population of about 1500, but that’s not the real attraction. Drive down the dirt road. Notice the covered parking cabañas on your left. You are then approaching Las Lajas Beach Resort. Their stretch of beach is phenomenal. Sit in a beach chair or under a cabaña and drink the best, and I mean the best, piña colada you’ve ever tasted, with or without the alcohol.


The resort is small, with only 12 overnight accommodations. If you choose not to stay the night, you can secure a day pass for $10.00 and enjoy the facilities. Feast at the restaurant or linger at the bar. Swim in the pool or take a dip in the ocean. Go snorkeling or scuba diving. The Pacific waters here are quite friendly with no strong waves. Still, be aware that there might be an undertow so stay close in.

Other activities include having a massage or taking a yoga class. For even more active enjoyment, go horseback riding and gallop on the beach. There is no excuse to get bored at this resort. The area also holds two other wonderful attractions. The Botanical Garden and the Nancito Petroglyph Archaeological Park are both well worth visiting.


You will not be disappointed with a visit to Las Lajas Beach Resort and the neighboring attractions. It will be your secret.

[The driving time is inaccurate in this video]

Fact: Panamá has no military, as it has no enemies, because no country wants to be denied use of the Panamá Canal
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